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What solutions we can offer to effectively manage your CTPAT Compliance.

CTPAT is the abbreviation of 'Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism ' and it is a Quality Mark for Validated Traders showing them to have a Safe & Secure Supply Chain within International Trade. 

CTPAT provides benefits to those holding a validation. Such benefits include guarantees wavered, preference at Port and with Shipping Lines meaning avoiding delays at border on importing or exporting into the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Wavered Duty Guarantees provide massive cash injections for American, Canadian and Mexican businesses and a re-investment opportunity. Its also can mean saving between 4-6% on freight forwarder charges. 

Library Suite Manages & Automates the CTPAT

Library Suite records CTPAT 2022   Compliance rightly holds its place on a 

Company View Dashboard. Analytics are for visually displayed showing 'Live Risk Compliance Reporting' on three business levels. The Business Level, Department level and even on Individual levels. Thus enabling a Risk Management Review of CTPAT  Compliance and even supportive evidence for the enforcement of Compliance. 

Library Suite records all Planned Document Reviews allowing you to set the parameters for monitoring. A quick drop down menu when 'No Changes' are selected are also date stamped and recorded as evidence of a reviews being performed in harmony with The CTPAT Standards. Upon a change or edit Library Suite CTPAT Edition automatically archives old files and avoids duplication of updated files with version control and date stamps these. 

Library Suite Manages Control Document Security & Change

Cleverly designed permission levels within Library Suite's CTPAT Edition, enable controlled changes of your compliance 

documents. Specifically assigned user permissions levels determine limiting roles of access of department, document change or edit and access levels as required by the CTPAT standards. Read level access provides exactly that. They can only read from that departments files that are shared to them. They cannot download, share or edit control documents. The next level Editor, can edit, download and share documents, under this permission. Review level the next stage can review and authorise change. The Admin level has full system control including deleting files and creating user and company accounts.  

Risk Management

Risk Management is built into Library Suite's framework to ensure company secrets and specialisms are protected from exposure to theft, copy or sharing. Again providing a risk safeguard for the CTPAT Standard.

Library Suite is the number 1 software for managing CTPAT


Why Library Suite's CTPAT Edition is No.1 for CTPAT management

Automates all your Document Reviews, Edits and Updates!

No other software system in existence manages ALL requirements of the CTPAT Standards like Library Suite

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