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Want to fast track your 

CTPAT 2020 enrollment?

(Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism)

Want to professionally manage and protect your CTPAT 2020 benefits and maintain

the standards?

Want to fast track your 

Customs AEO application?

(Authorised Economic Operator)

Want to professionally manage and protect the benefits of your AEO authorisation and maintain the standards?

Want to fast track your ISO application?

Want to professionally manage your ISO accreditation?

From 9000:1 to 50000:1

Want to fast track your legal responsibility of managing your Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations?

Want to professionally manage your Health, Safety and Environmental standards for compliance to HSE and Government Regulations? 

Library Suite's Compliance Solutions

Library Suite Your One Central Repository
Library Suite keeps your Documents Safe Secure with optimum durability
Library Suite provides email & e-sign prompting
Library Suite is a fully automated compliance program
Library Suite enables you to plan, monitor and record reviews
Library Suite automates your training matrixes
Library Suite provides Live Compliance Reporting
Library Suite Manages Multi-Departments and Multi Site Operations 1 Brandon Grotesque
Multi-Site Management 1



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Q: Can you track all of your company's compliance in one central repository?

Q: Does your software manage compliance for internally and your whole Supply Chain?

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Management Reports in just one click?

Q: Can your software manage the compliance of multi-sites, multiple departments even multiple countries as mobile as your mobile phone?

Q: Does your software provide you with real time 'Audit Ready'' files and full traceability?

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No other software system manages ALL the requirements of

Compliance like Library Suite 

Independent Library Suite Software analysis and

comparison report by The Improvement Practice


Greg Watts


The Improvement Practice

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One of the major issues, when The Improvement Practice works with different organisations, is the amount of time and effort needed to ensure that the company remains compliant with the different regulations and standards. And as market and regulatory expectations develop, this is only going to become worse. This often leads to a sudden concentration of effort and resources when audit time comes around.  Often the problem is that the compliance processes and related systems have been built up over time, as the need for compliance has grown, leading to discrete elements that need management time and effort to make them work.

Looking at the analysis of managing the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) compliance in a comparison between Library Suite and Microsoft's SharePoint, Library Suite looks like a very good alternative to the traditional approaches to managing compliance. Both in terms of the high level of integration and automation of administrative tasks, it gave a predicted 90% time saving, that means, management can concentrate on building the business and the time saved means that compliance is easier to manage and maintain. Having compared the costs and features of these two systems, it is clear that Library Suite offers more as a cost effective way of managing compliance.