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Applying for your AEO?
You can achieve this
within 60 days.

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Are you Importing and Exporting Goods in and out of the UK?

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What Does HMRC Say About Mitigating Brexit?

Taken From HMRC Future Customs relations white paper.

......we would look at options to reduce the pressure and risk of delays at ports and airport, for example by negotiating mutual recognition of Authorised Economic Operators (AEO's), enabling faster clearance of AEO's goods at the border....

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We understand the HM Customs Process for the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

And we can save you 12 months of costs and admin time in preparing yourself for the AEO.

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So lets view the process

We conduct an AEO GAP Analysis where we find out what the 'Gap' is between where you are now and what you need to be in order to attain your AEO status with HM Customs

The normal time-frame is between 1-3 days and there after we will report back our findings to you with a day verses task scenario for consultancy costs.

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Once Agreeing the 'Gap' Report and 'Support Days' we start the AEO Project enabling you to become AEO Application Ready in as little as 60 Days with Library Suite.

We will offer you two options. The first is to pay us for supporting you as you would a consultant. Our rate is £900+vat a day AEOC is Approx 9-15 days AEOS Approx 20-25 days These days include pre auditing and audit support through the audit process.

We can however manage the whole process through Library Suite and this will automate the document reviewing, planning and training processes.

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Here to support you every step of the way

We can write for you your AEO Application, collating the necessary documentation, re-writing elements and supporting you to meet the standards. We can include all of our application support time in a simple monthly subscription, eliminating all up front fees. This will include pre-auditing and audit support through the Customs process.

While all of this is going on, we can also complete your AEO Portal Application for you and be there throughout your audit process.

We can help to answer all the AEO Application Form Collate and Load Reference Material within Library Suite ' s Program.

We can Load into Library Suite support documents and start the Reviewing, Updating Documentation, Training Staff on Updates and Auditing Supply Chain Processes.

We have an integrated Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment for your AEOS criterion and a FMEA Assessment for your ISO 28000:1 requirements that are automated with live dashboards measuring Risk, Vulnerability, Consequence, Cost and Environment.

We even our very own integrated Incident Reporting process that provides trackable Action Plans to specific tasks from Incidents to ensure all perform in reducing risk and that tasks are logged, managed and measured for closure.

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London City

We will submit your AEO Application via the government portal to HM Customs. Whilst all of this is in place, we will train all your staff and pre-audit support you in preparation ready for the official Customs Audit.

We can support you in doing all of this in just 60 days!

With such large potential cashflow benefits it makes sense to start your AEO journey today!

During the audit we will be there to support you and demonstrate to Customs the Library Suite system and how this manages and automates your processes for you - keeping you compliant!

Library Suite doesn't just keep you compliant to benefit from the AEO but also your entire supply chain too!

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We even have a dedicated area where all the necessary AEO Audit files, forms and evidence are kept, so you don 't need to search in the system for what the auditor wants to see - because its all there ready for you.

We have considered all the aspects of your AEO compliance and made them easy for you to keep compliant too!

Library Suite will keep your AEO maintained for years to come and will ensure you keep the standards running and your financial benefits safe.

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Trusted to support these clients with AEO, advice and support.

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