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Company 'M' Large Retailer

Global Compliance

It's  great! It's like SharePoint

but on steroids!


Customs Consultant

It's made all my years of delivering the Customs AEO worthwhile!

Company 'A' Large E-Commerce Supply Chain & Former HM Customs Auditor

Library Suite manages and automates our companies compliance within one  central repository.

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Company 'H' Motorcycle Manufacturer

Global Compliance

It's  enables us to manage multiple sites and operations and to keep compliant but without all the headaches of chasing people with paperwork!

Company 'G' Global Gaming

Operations Director

An essential piece of software to help not only manage our Customs Processes but also our Quality Management Programs too!

Government Council 'L'

Health & Safety Manager 

Library Suite can manage all of our Health, Safety and Environmental Processes and has greatly reduced our admin and training costs. 

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