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Did you know that if you employ 5 or more people in your business then you are liable to manage and enforce all the requirement of the H&S legislation.

This means there's a need to have in place, Risk Assessments, which indicate what equipment, PPE, Safe Systems of Working, Recording, Documenting, Updating and Training. H&S requires this to be an ongoing development within the business, making sure that everyone is given the right information and provisions under the Health & Safety at Work Act. 

Company's are also required to comply with Environmental Legislation, so recording​ your environmental footprint and waste management is also a requirement.

Library Suite supports the management and controls prompts and reporting for maintaining your compliance to your legal requirements. As a central repository held in the cloud it also acts a safe place to store your legal requirements for not only for your obligations under Health, Safety & Environmental Law, but, its also found in other related legislative requirements like the RRO 2005 (Revised Regulatory Order. This order is regarding your duty towards Fire Regulations and it requires you to record, document and record evidence to demonstrate your compliance to the RRO. How you record and document these is imperative, because if your records are destroyed in a fire or not available for inspection, then you will automatically have breached your duties under the regulations to 'keep records'. These essentially become your 'get out of jail' card! Library Suite effectively ensures you are compliant and records your documents creation, prompts reviews, edits and updates. It not only automates the process of the HS&E but along with other unique features, it automates the training updating with an E-Sign facility.  

HS Edition also reports on a 'Live Dashboard' showing you what is not compliant and therefore, what is at risk.

What will it mean to you and your business?

Failing to follow your legal requirements or failing to know them is not excusable in law. Business owners and staff alike are all subject to these rulings and so too, is the company. That's right! HSE (Health & Safety Executive) have 'Powers of entry' and can fine both an employee and a Company for not being compliant. Under the provisions of law the CPS (Crown Prosecution Services) can also impose prison terms due to incidents rising from negligence. The term is called  'corporate manslaughter' and is where the Company is fined (normally last year's turnover) and individuals that are 'Key' persons such as Managing Directors, CEO's and others like Managers and Team Leaders can be  fined or imprisoned under enforcement of the law.

So keeping your records and compliance can literally save you from going to jail! So managing risk and risk reporting is essential. Library Suite does just that on a business level department level and individual level. The dashboard analytics shows whose complying. You can use Library Suites HS&E Edition to photograph the spotting of 'Hazards', Incident Reports and raise CAR's (Corrective Action Requests). 

Are you a CEO, A CFO, an MD or Business Owner?

Compliance is a necessary component in today's world of business and commerce and rightly so, since no one expects to get ill or injured in performing their duties at work. However, it is also a cost to business in becoming and maintaining your HS&E compliance. Library Suite eliminates the administration by up to 90% in managing your compliance. This saving not only pays for using the system as a cost neutral, but also enables you and your staff to become more productive and focused in these uncertain times. 

Library Suite is thus: formed and based upon Compliance and Continuous Improvement - Improving your processes, your productivity and your compliance's.






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Use Library Suite to Safely and Securely Store your Records of Managing Hazards, Risks and Incidents 


Use Library Suite to prompt Risk Reviews, Corrective Action Requests and Auditing as well as providing 'Live Compliance Reporting' and 'Audit Ready' Processes at the touch of your phone!


Use Library Suite to Edit, Update, Store and Manage Version Controls with Authorised Change


Use Library Suite to Train and Record your workforce's updated procedures and safe systems of working with

E-Sign, Collaborative Commenting and Individual Compliance Reporting Processes


Investing In Library Suite is a sure investment in yourself and that's always going to pay the best interest.....!

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Library Suite Health & Safety Edition offers reporting functions for Accidents, Incidents, Lone Working, Contractors with a tracking function to close off and ensure Risks are being managed.