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Library Suite was created from a call to action from industry that challenged software, to help achieve three key strategies. The first was to keep them compliant. The second was to automate as many processes as possible in order to increase workforce productivity. The third was to reduce business operating costs !  Library Suite is the solution to meet these three basic requirements from an industry lead software system. Let us explain some more...

The outcomes of our Industry Survey


We want a central repository for our compliance needs?

Library Suite is a fully functional automated repository!


We need a repository that

automates and prompts  

reviews and updates?

With our fully configurable system it's all possible with Library Suite!


We want a platform to  

automate and record our training from updates?

Yes you can !

It will also complete refresher training too!


We need 'Audit Ready Files' for our external auditors to review at will?

Yes Library Suite can tag specific files ready for your auditor ! 


We need a Cyber-Safe  Secure platform to hold our important documents?

Hosted on AWS Cloud its 99.999999999999% durable with multiple 

cyber attack defenses!


We need a 'Live Dashboard' to report on our Compliance Risks

Library Suite provides a 'Live Reporting Dashboard' that measures the Compliance Risk's of your organisation!

What else have we added to Library Suite?


Library Suite works on your laptop, tablet, pc and even your mobile phone.

Its as mobile as you are! 

No device restrictions

with Library Suite!


With Library Suite you

can prompt your supplier to comply too!

Managing your

outsourced suppliers?


Library Suite is a cloud-based program that automates the monitoring, reviewing and maintenance required of all document types within a safe and secure environment. It records what is reviewed and updates the documents, archiving old documents and cleans down automatically saving space and storage costs. It has a calendar prompt program that emails what’s required and when. Library Suite sends chaser emails and ultimately will even advise superiors of non-conformance's within groups, teams or individuals. It is managed through authorisations and agreements to change via these authorisations. All of these automation's save time and money within the administration of compliance's enabling increased productivity whilst reducing costs.

Not only will Library Suite update and archive processes but also send emails around selected teams, groups or individuals as read only files to read and understand them. When such are read these are e-signed (an electronic signature specific to the person reading the file) with their specific signature. These can then be used as proof of being read and understood and used then to update the training matrix automatically with time stamped updates of change against the file and their name. 

Library Suite has the capacity to send authorisation emails to update government bodies, customers or send marketing campaigns of updates made. This keeps the flow of information live and faster than any other networking process.




Library Suite has three methods of input, which are all totally configurable. The first is the automated data processing which is a command prompt set through calendar for planned monitoring and reviewing controls. 


The second is through manual intervention and adhoc adjustments. This process allows for updating and reviewing to take place 'as and when' it is required – for example an accident took place and the Risk Assessment needs to be reviewed. The third method is Library Suite's crowning glory,

it allows for automated updates from other databases or a subscription as a 'live feed' to provide 'live changes' and updates. This means that a updates for Customs Tariff Codes, Law Updates or Audits can be created as documents within Library Suite and used to prompting inspection, warning or risk management by a configurable group, team or even an individual.

Library Suite operates a number of unique attributes such as 'Live Compliance Reporting' and 'Live Risk Reporting'. These enables the decision makers and managers user to have a snapshot of where the business, department or individual working within this department is as regards compliance in 'Real-Time'. This is all part of Library Suite's powerful 'Live Library'.


Apart from keeping Compliance'Live', it also provides reporting at business, department, and individual levels to provide advanced warning to anything creating a potential threat. Library Suite also can create 'Audit Ready' files so that Auditors can access all the relevant and up to date information to carry out audits efficiently, reducing the need for expensive consultants, time away from the business and all the panic admin that normally goes into preparing for an audit.


All of this has been carefully designed and crafted into the build of a simple, user friendly and operational system giving instant information which is safely and securely set within the cloud. This also means that all of your documents are Disaster Recovery Compliant and available 24/7, 365 days a year in one central repository!


Not withstanding this Library Suite is also as use-able and mobile as your phone or tablet! Library Suite truly is a unique and remarkable system built with your operations and the auditor in mind.

As we developed this system to meet the strict and exacting compliance's of HM Customs, World Customs Organisation and the USA's CTPAT Customs we know that the highest levels of compliance are meet for any organisation around the world. You're with the best!

What is Live Compliance?

Library Suite is designed to create ‘Live Compliance’ to update Senior Directors of potential risk to non-compliance. Library Suite creates a live reporting system, from your conformity of reviewing and updating your, accredited and regulatory compliance. Each part of the Business can be broken down to analyse risks that affect each department. 

The reporting system of Library Suite gives a helicopter view of performance as documented compliance's in an easy to read traffic light dashboard. This means companies that have the customs AEO Status can easily identify compliance, update record keeping and document management and training updates.

If there is a need to drill down further, this can be achieved through further interrogation to the point of finding an individual non-conformer to performance manage. Library Suite not only gives the tools to be complaint and even the opportunity to have ‘Live Compliance’ status but it also provides the reporting information to enforce conformance unlike any other maintenance system.

It doesn’t stop there!

Library Suite can serve as a suite of facets. Where the criterion for accreditation's will need files to be reviewed, monitored, updated and then the training element to be made available. Library Suite’s core function does just that. Library Suite is the first system to create document 'tagging' within a library.

This means that you don’t need to duplicate your time or energy and you can simultaneously map files to areas that require copies for conformity, editing or review. Simply 'Tag' documents from your main library to a person, a group, a department or an even an outside organisation. Library suite allows as for as much 'tagging' as you wish for each bespoke accreditation.This can then be reviewed, updated and archived within Library Suite. All will be updated and the e-sign system ensures all updates and training is recorded in the training matrix. All files are able to be filtered and selected according to your bespoke requirements and are safely stored providing full Disaster Recovery Support, the safe keeping of 'legal proof's and compliant to the Revised Regulatory Order (RRO 2006) Fire Regulations, thus enabling you to store, edit and retrieve all the documents you need, when you need them most!

Security is paramount

There are  4 permission levels , Read, Edit, Review & Admin and these provide added levels of control, authorisation and management of process documents. 'Read' means that the files can only be read for that individual within that department. They can't be shared, downloaded or edited in any way. Edit enables the editing function and these are the levels where by edits and updates can be reviewed and changed. Once changed or updated the Reviewer  level authorises and sanctions change. Once sanctioned those 'Users' and those 'Tagged' are sent a copy of the update as an e-sign to verify the understanding of process change.  Once acknowledging the 'change' the Training Matrix is updated and this also automatically creates updates in the compliance report and visualisation graphs.  All files are fully encrypted within Library Suite along with firewalls, antivirus and login securities found with AWS. Files are safe from ransomware, unauthorised sharing, downloading, editing and general access . You're safe with us!

Totally configurable 

Library Suite is totally configurable too for its processes and files. If you want certain things to be included in your processes, then you can. For example the HR department can have its own files segregated from everyone else and with limits only enabled for the HR department and or levels of access within the department. HR usually have personnel records held within a system. Maybe not encrypted or as secure as Library Suite but stored information. They may also have Documents such as Policies & Procedures in place. The Personnel Documents and Policies can be added to Library Suite and have these isolated as internal case work. Out of date disciplinary processes can be prompted and identified, with old cases highlighting the need to be expunged from the file. Alerts can be programmed or added manually in adhoc.


‘Live Compliance’ means 'Real Time updates and prompts to review law changes. There's more – what about updating staff names and addresses? Library Suites prompt can be configured to remind you to ask the questions throughout the organisation – workforce names and addresses updates – next of kin etc.


What about Appraisals? They too can be configured to prompt document updates on personnel files. What about PDCs? Again, these can be prompted for update, If you have the file, then it can be configured into the system. Library Suite allows you to build your own recruitment repertoire of data for future recruitment opportunities as well as enabling multi team collaboration on project work.


Library Suite has GDPR as its core the and so all the data can be referenced into what kind of data it is and where and how it is kept. This provides a record of where the data is filed by whom. Indeed the system contains your information and you have total control how you wish to work within the confines of GDPR.

Are you ready to bring the power of Library Suite to your business?

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