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Our History

Although Library Suite was formed in 2018 and has used over 100 years of shared Senior Management experience within Product Management, Quality, Management, Strategy, Policy, Compliance, International Trade, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Safety, People, Asset, Process Management and Lean Process Improvement roles.

Its been by no accident that all the skills sets have been working together to create something patentable and unique to Library Suite. A long series of agile development sprints, utilising the expertise of architects, designers, testers and developer skills along with potential 'Users' and Industry Field Experts from a variety of compliance disciplines who have all been involved in its creation.

Therefore the system that you see today, was built with you in mind, and its functionality is all visually lead. We didn't want another system streaming data like an excel spreadsheet. We wanted data to be meaningful and to enable actions like how to manage and track Risk. After all compliance IS about taking action and managing behaviours. When you buy into Library Suite, you're not just buying into an automated system, your buying into our specialist knowledge.

App Design

Library Suite took a total of 2 years in industry led design-development and build, in order to present you what we have today. 

From our logo design through to the look and feel of  Library Suite's platform, our  foremost consideration has always been you, the User and your experience.


Key to this development and our USP is Library Suite's easy of use and simplicity

We took away:
Duplication, over processing and over complicating processes.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Lean Techniques like Visual Management are all within the design and functionality..

We didn't stop there, we
thought about the auditor
visiting you too and made
provisions for this..

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For our Global Supply Chain compliances we created provisions to manage their compliances too.

With modern techniques and system 'know how,' we make technologies, with real purpose..

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