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Managing the Customs AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) 

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No other software system can manage ALL the requirements of the
AEO Standards like Library Suite's AEO Edition!

Manage multiple sites.
Manage multiple departments.
International Supply Chain.
Plan, monitor and record reviews.

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Automated training matrix.
Automated AEO compliance.
Email and E-Sign prompt.

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See how Library Suite can manage
your AEO Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Workout your costs for compliance and see for yourself how Library Suite pays for itself...

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See how easy Library Suite Manages and Automates the Processes of the AEO Standards for you

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How Library Suite Manages AEO

Library Suite records full AEO Compliance in its dashboard analytics for Business Level, Department level and individual levels. Thus enabling a Risk Management Review of AEO Compliance and evidence for the enforcement of Compliance. 

Library Suite Records all planned Reviews. Even showing 'No Changes' as date stamped and recorded as evidence of a review being performed in harmony with The AEO Standards. Library suite also archives old files and avoids duplication of files with version control options. 

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How Library Suite Manages Permission Levels

Permission Levels for Library Suite create an official safe and secure way to protect Control Documents. Read Only, Edit, Reviewer, Super User have authorisation levels set to determine limiting roles of access category and access levels as required by the AEO standards of document management and control. So a read only level access can only read from that departments files that are shared to them. They cannot download nor share control documents themselves. Editors can edit under permission but only a Reviewer can review control documents and authorise changes. 

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REPORTING the touch
of a button!

Risk Management 

Risk Management is also built into Library Suite to ensure company secrets and specialisms are protected from exposure to theft, copy or sharing. Again a Risk safeguard for the AEOS Standards.

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Find out more about our compliance work in International Trade & Supply Chains 

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AEO Edition Brochure Download

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