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Work – where does all the time go?

Well here’s some interesting reads for all you admin haters out there!

According to a survey by ‘Weekdone’ 28% of peoples time at work are dealing with unnecessary distractions. According to the Wall Street journal workers are interrupted every 3 mins!

Its recognised that it’s not just the distraction that stops you doing your work, there’s something worse!? What is worse, getting back to the previous work mode takes much more time. According to Office of National Statistics, getting back on task takes 23 minutes. So, how to get work done? You need to make time for work that matters and eliminate the distractions.

Wasting 2-3 hours a day!

So, what are the Top Ten Biggest Time Wasters at Work?


1 in 4 complain that there’s more meetings talking about work than actually getting on and doing the job at hand. Remember meetings are meant to have actions to close off prior to attending the next meeting!

Office Politics

47% say that office politics takes away from their productivity and is one of the top 10 stressors at work.

Socialising Co-workers

About 40% say they could get more done if co-workers would stop popping by for a chat.


Office Workers check their emails 30-40 times an hour.


47% agreed to online procrastinating on the web surfing.

64% of workers admit to surfing on non-work-related websites every day

So why not take a look at Library Suite? It manages time, tasks and logs everything. So if you’ve set a task you can see if it was one or not and the dashboard gives live updates on performances by business, department and by Individual!

Oh, and here’s some more:

About a year ago, the Harris Poll and CareerBuilder conducted a survey of thousands of managers and workers, hoping to find out the biggest time-wasters at work, and, in cases where people are choosing to slack off, exactly what they're doing to waste it. The results of the survey are both instructive and entertaining.

It's perhaps no surprise that the survey revealed that, yes, people report a lot of wasted time at work. And the things they do or hold responsible are probably no big surprise either. Here are the top 10, along with the percentage of people who cited them as a cause of wasted time. As you can see from the numbers, many people listed more than one of these.

1. Cell phone/texting (50 percent)

2. Gossip (42 percent)

3. The internet (39 percent)

4. Social media (38 percent)

5. Snack or smoke breaks (27 percent)

6. Noisy co-workers (24 percent)

7. Meetings (23 percent)

8. Email (23 percent)

9. Co-workers dropping by (23 percent)

10. Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone (10 percent)

Even more interesting are some of the particularly novel ways that people have found to do anything they could at work besides work. Here are some of the best examples:

  • Blowing bubbles in sub-zero weather to see if the bubbles would freeze and break

  • Married employee looking at a dating website

  • Caring for pet bird that employee smuggled into work

  • Shaving legs in the women's restroom

  • Lying under boxes to scare people

  • Having a wrestling match

  • Sleeping, but claimed he was praying

  • Taking selfies in the bathroom

  • Changing clothes in a cubicle

  • Printing off a book from the internet

  • Warming her bare feet under the bathroom hand dryer

The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of

Isn’t it time for library suite?

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