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What’s wrong with SharePoint?

We have taken a look at an article written about SharePoint by another well-known document management software company. At first as we do, we looked and said ‘this is clearly a rouse to make something look worse than theirs, in order to promote their own as superior’.

Giving balance to the review and their research Library Suite asked 100 companies within our network what they thought of SharePoint as a system to manage their AEO documents. Here are the results:

45% said it was clunky and slow

85% didn’t know it cost so much but when they knew said, at $6800 a user it costs too much

90% didn’t know but said with additional licenses and coding of around $120k p/a it costs too much to operate

95% said it doesn’t do all the things you would want a system to do

83% said it is Microsoft bias on file types

89% said its workflow means you make additional and unnecessary saves and edits

64% said it costs more to use it and have it than any other system

98% said it is admin heavy software that makes for more admin work rather than less

So, what is there on the market to manage the AEO?

Huddle, Box and Dropbox…… they are all the same! Have a look below at the comparisons

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