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Ethical Trading Policy

How We Trade

We have felt strongly for some time that all companies should have an ethical trading policy that determines how they intend to operate, trade and generally make money. Whilst most company's do this and check out what kind of suppliers they want to work with, we thought we would be proactive and tell you about the kind of company we are and share our ethical workings with you..

The first thing to establish is our development of this code. This is a first step and forms the continual development in this area.. So if you have seen something or suggest something, we would be thankful for your perspective and considerations.



Library Suite Ltd (“Company”) strives to conduct business to the highest ethical and environmental standards seeking to use and utilise manufacturers that do the same. Library Suite has its own detailed code of conduct, which is integral to its business and that all suppliers and their sources must adhere to. Library Suite’s code of conduct is based on current best practices with regard to employment ethics, health and safety practices and environmental practices; so that when a customer purchases our goods they know that they have been produced under acceptable conditions.  That means that the goods must have been produced lawfully, through fair and honest dealing; without exploiting the people who made them; in decent working conditions; reducing the environmental impact during production and transportation.


Library Suite has the right to run audits and spot checks by themselves or by external parties on premises without their prior knowledge to verify that they are behaving in an appropriate manner.



All suppliers must meet the local laws on conditions such as minimum wages, hours of work, overtime and deductions.  Or, where determinable the prevailing industry wage for the type of work involved.  (International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions 1, 26, 95,131 and Recommendation 85)



Library Suite does not condone the use of child labour and our suppliers must not employ children, other than under the ILO Convention 138 and Recommendation 146. Library Suite does support legitimate, legally sanctioned, apprentices and educated-related work as long as the child is not being exploited, there is no risk to the child’s health, education and development, and you have the permission of the child’s parents.  (Article 32 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child)



Forced labour, whether in the form of prison, bonded or uncompensated labour is not used.  People are not forced to work for our suppliers by threatening them with a penalty.  (ILO Conventions 29 and 105, Recommendation 35).  



Every employee must be treated with respect and dignity.  No employee is treated with threatening behaviour, physical punishment or any form of mental or verbal abuse.



Library Suite suppliers employ and deal with all their employees fairly and without discrimination. (ILO Convention 100 and 111 and Recommendation 90 and 111) This is regardless of age, sex, race, religion or disability.  



Suppliers acknowledge that employees have the right to associate or unionise with any organisation that is legal in that country (ILO Convention 87).  



Library Suite’s suppliers all provide a safe place of work, meeting all local laws relating to health, safety and welfare in the workplace.  This means:

  • Every effort is made to prevent accidents or injury. 

  • Health and safety procedures are implemented and employees are regularly trained and tested in what to do in certain situations.  

  • There is always adequate lighting and ventilation; and 

  • clean drinking water is always available



Library Suite is continuing to develop its environment practices both in the production of the platforms, functionality and of course the end user experiences, and the Library Suite working environment. Key examples of these procedures are: 



All companies comply with the EU/UK general product safety Directive 2001/95 EC.  Library Suite is working towards all suppliers complying with the requirements of all production directives meaning that no dangerous substances and preparations are used during the makeup of any of its products. Library Suite is constantly working to minimise the waste during production operations



  • Toner cartridges from laser printers are returned to the manufacturer for recycling;

  • All cardboard waste from the warehouse is recycled;

  • Library Suite is working towards zero plastic;

  • Use of environmentally friendly office consumables where possible;

  • Collection point for office staff to recycle paper;

  • Email is our preferred method of communication to reduce the amount of paper used.




Library Suite looks to ensure all of its staff, associates and clients are treated with safety and security in all our dealings. We consider this from our initial introductions through to data processing or handling where necessary. Before undertaking any information of a confidential nature, whether known or not, we always follow the following priority protocols:

  • Agree how to address everyone we meet, whether its first name or otherwise

  • Sign a Mutual NDA and hold copies of both parties signatures / Clients have preference to use their own if they wish

  • Create Meeting Agendas and Notes to feedback actions and agreed plans with all

  • Update and share any Project Plans with agreed name slots and dates

  • Ensure data is safely backed up, stored to protect all parties interests

  • Always check with a clients preferences to safety and security of themselves and their company.


For IT Safety & Security Data, Backup please go to Data Protection & General Processing Policy and sub Policies.

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