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In the commercial world there are many ISO’s. ISOs for Products, Processes, Manufacturing, Safety, Environmental, Supply Chain etc. From the 9000:1, to 14000:1, 27000:1 40000:1 and 50000:1 Library Suite has an Edition for each type.


ISO says that processes must be recorded as control documents. They must be reviewed, updated and recorded. Staff must be trained so we know, they know! How do we know that they are competent? The training document and update sign offs. This is where Library Suite supports the control documents being held within the central repository, It records documents creation, prompts reviews, edits and updates. It not only automates the process of the ISO, but amongst other unique features, it automates the training updating with an E-Sign facility.  

ISO Edition also looks and reports upon risk. What if you fail to follow the instructions. What will it mean to you and your business. So risk management and risk reporting is essential. Library Suite does just that on a business level department level and individual level. The dashboard analytics shows whose complying. 

Built into Library Suites ISO Edition uses the Deming Cycle - the Plan Do Check Act process. This originates within the Deming Cycle and where we get Continuous Improvement from. In the 1940's Charles Deming inventor, went to the British car industry saying we can make small improvements and these will improve your competitiveness. The UK car industry sent him away! So he went to Japan to the automotive industry and this is the story of Toyota and Honda.

Library Suite follows the 

Plan Do Check Act cycle

Library Suite is thus: formed and based upon the Deming Cycle for Continuous Improvement - Improving your processes, productivity and effeciencies.






Upload your ISO files and easily plan your diary prompted reviews 


Library Suite will automatically manage your ISO reviews and monitoring 


Library Suite will check version controls are accurately recorded and all changes are authorised


Library Suite's Multi-Tier Visual Impact Reports will provide all the compliance prompting you'll need!